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Disrespect was accorded to Clark

Posted by woolstonlawnbilliards on November 29, 2009 at 10:06 PM

A few things happened on the day that made quite a difference. One was that it's quite obvious that when you get a bit of skill up, scoring first can quite easily lead to a hiding-to-nothing, which although fun to watch for a bit, begins to pall as a novelty. For example bar a couple of slips each, Karl and Nic and Tim managed to hand out the pastings and all bar one were come from behind charges. It all started seeming a bit routine, which is the death-knell of any game, so it was proposed that the old style of turn-about playing was tried out.

By gum it worked! Turns out those old gaffers knew a thing or two. The games became more competitive and more strategic. Now putting the ball through the ring is accompanied with the consideration of how it will end up. Winning the toss becomes vital, as turn order between equally matched players can affect how a scoring advantage can be built and defended. Each player now has to achieve larger scores in single shots whilst actively preventing the opponent from getting a good position. So today, with more at stake, Tim and Nic each scored a ringer off the shoe and Nic got himself a double cannon from a ringer for three points(shot of the day!). The maximum off one shot is five points; going through the ring off a ball and striking the other two balls in succession. We've yet to see that, but I'm sure it can't be far off now.

Notable with the increased competition was the concurrent increase in swearing, gloating and gnashing of teeth. This can only be a good thing.

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