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Leonard Cohen has Risen From the Grave!

Posted by woolstonlawnbilliards on November 22, 2009 at 10:02 PM

Yes, I realise he's not actually dead yet. Sometimes my pop-culture references lose control and start breeding in the sewers.

First up I have to doff my cap to the quality of the refreshments courtesy of The T Shop. A bloody fine Nagwar Darjeeling was enjoyed by all assembled. As the Tea Baron commented, it was dark in the cup like a second flush, but as delicate on the palate as the first flush that it is. Damn good tea, must get some in.

To the pain!

While I don't know the details of competition for the Tom Harrington Trophy to date, I will say that Martoon is looking to be the shoe-in for the season. As one of the Mighty Few to achieve two points from the shoe-off, and one who has pulled off quite a few shots-of-the-day he looks safe. Not only did he parcel out a pair of hidings-to-nothing, but the second one was a perfect game: 21 points in a single break. However, as himself has taken off with the score book to collate a results table... and hasn't actually got around to posting the damn thing, fact is, can't say. Who knows? Maybe there's a dark horse in the starting gate.

Speaking of which! Dark horse in chief Karl got shot of the day today with an oh-so-casually executed ringer off a single cannon. From a distance of three metres he lofted his ball onto the leeward side of mine and shot through the ring without touching the rim! Sterling stuff.

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