The Woolston Lawn Billiards
& Bat-and-Trap Society

Not so much an ancient game, more a state of mind

About Us

Lawn Billiards, aka Troco, Trucks and also bogusly Pell-Mell, Paglia-Maglia, Paille Maille. The greatest game ever to die out! This stunningly addictive game, unplayed since the Vandalous Vassal o' the Freemason's Arms in Hampstead had the world's last remaining court concreted over (Boo! Hiss!), had its opening season in 2009. Set close to the beautiful (fnarr! fnarr!) Heathcote River, games will be played every Sunday on the McCombs Memorial Lawns in Woolston Park. If dressing up, drinking delicious beverages and having a jolly good time is your cup of tea, come aboard, matey!