The Woolston Lawn Billiards
& Bat-and-Trap Society

Not so much an ancient game, more a state of mind

Welcome to a society of odd balls!

The history of this club is essentially whimsy that grew some legs. In 2002, to celebrate a fortieth birthday Nic Farra found Timothy Finn's wonderful book, Traditional Pub Games of Britain. Among the games he reproduced was Lawn Billiards. It proved popular!

"A pair of mormon missionaries came round to the flat as I was going out. They were curious about the court I had made on the front lawn. I explained briefly what it was about and told them they were welcome to stay and play if they liked. An hour and a half later I came back home to find them still playing." Nic recalls.

It was  five years later that practical efforts began to revive the game that seemed too good to let die. Various helpful individuals from the UK including James Masters, who supplied rules, Paul Robinson who sent photos of surviving equipment held by the Hampstead Lawn Billiard and Skittle Club, and Arthur Taylor, venerable games historian who was so pleased the Woolston club is up and running he sent us a copy of his book,  Played at the Pub.

A Double Drop Cannon recorded at Woolston

Paul Robinson, of the Hampstead Lawn Billiard and Skittle Club, London, playing Woolston President-for-Life, Nic Farra on the 25th of March 2017. Filmed by Linda Robinson.