The Woolston Lawn Billiards
& Bat-and-Trap Society

Not so much an ancient game, more a state of mind


Much hefty information was gained from the Masterful James Masters, who has probably never been called that in his entire life. His place is ideal for finding stuff out as well as getting beautiful equipment to play games that you never imagined when you were imagining unimaginable games. His website is:

 The only other club with the name 'Lawn Billiards' in the title is the Hampstead Lawn Billiard and Skittle Club. They too are stalwart chaps who play in the last surviving Old English Skittles alley in the world, underneath the Freemasons Arms in Hampstead. The other title is of course, the one they are known and and probably prefer it too: London Skittles.

The Society got a lot of information about Lawn Billiards from these players in sunny Hawaii:

Where would we be without Arthur Taylor? A man who has seen the game played and has put a wonderful description of it in his book Played at the Pub. The rest of the series is a corker too. You may go to Played in Britain and find that out for yourself. 

Our source for the videos is British Pathe. And what a time waster that site can be. In a good way. No, really, just go there and you'll see what is meant. I hope.