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Rules - the fewer the better

Posted by woolstonlawnbilliards on November 27, 2010 at 4:13 PM

Last week's chukkas brought a couple of things to light. One was the excellence of the brew at Cassels and Sons. Keeping it local, these fine lads do their thing in a wood fired kettle using organic ingredients - the dinkel in particular is a testament to that. Very full, malty taste. The brewery is at the old Woolston Tannery on the corner of Garlands Rd and Cumnor Tce and there are plans for a pub, restaurant and garden. A certain brewer said he was twisting the arm of Cassel Snr to include a billiards pitch included in the garden design. I thought, hang on! A pub? A garden? A restaurant? a purpose built pitch??? I know this is flying in the face of tradition, but there could be something in this proposal! Still in the arm-twisting and planning stage though, so watch this space, or one very much like it, and I will keep you posted.

The other belighted thing was an experiment with the rules. A few weeks back the Master of the Treasury and I decided a cannon was not a cannon unless you passed your ball through the ring either before or subsequent to striking another ball. That made things difficult at first, which is a good outcome, but a bit of a conundrum developed. The strategy of remaining as close to the ring as possible became employed to maximise scoring opportunities. However after observing this tendency for a while it began to irk me that here was this big pitch that was scarcely being used. Once again the old gaffers at the Freemasons Arms proved wise. To score a cannon the two balls must start at least a cue's length apart.A skilful player should be able to manage this without difficulty, however the risk element is increased, which in competition adds to the things in consideration when choosing a shot. Sometimes a simple ringer to keep one within coo-ee of an adversary could be a preferred option over the risk of going for a cannon, not scoring at all and having the gap widened subsequently.

Stuff to ponder!

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